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This is the right place to be if you are looking for information regarding the Airgym airtracks and about airtracks in general. You can consider this a guide for these professional products which enhance performance at every level. The brand Airgym was born 5 years ago with the help of a team that have more than 25 years of experience in building inflatable products.

The need to create a brand appeared when a new revolutionary product was launched on the market, and it created big waves in the gymnastic world and brought new possibilities of training. The new product was the airtrack, an inflatable floor with properties that made an average gymnast jump easier to the next level and become a real professional. And all this comes packed in a compact bag, the size of your mountain hiking equipment and it transforms itself into a 40 sq. meters bouncing and shock absorbing floor. This was possible with the help of a recently invented product called Double Wall Fabric (DWF as an acronym).

The Double Wall Fabric came from Germany and it is currently the worldwide standard in quality and innovation. Since the beginning our team of engineers with the help of our tireless sales man found the real potential of this invention. Because we had so much experience and links with the gymnastic world we managed to be the first ones that replaced the old bulky airtracks which needed, 100% of the time, a noisy silverfan running in order to operate, with a state of the art more compact, silent, and superior product in all respects. This is the way the Airgym airtracks were born.

Since then we continuously evolved and improved our products so at this moment we are able to create products at any size and shapes. Below you can see one of our products called "Air Floor" which was the first airtracks of this size built in the world.

Big Air Floor

Over time we dealt with many challenges and custom orders that came from renowned customers like Circus du Soleil, Tait Towers or Pepsi.
And Airgym doesn’t mean only airtracks. We use this material in many ways and we build landing mats, inclines, judo floors, air beams, training sets etc.
Feel free to explore the website and ask us questions on our homepage. We will be more than glad to help you with information and show you how we became the best in our domain.

Below you have a list of the main words that compose our organization's mission:

Warranty Quality REACH Made in Europe Technology Perfomance Trust Experience